WONDERLAND1980-1989    Mitsugu Ohnishi

While much of Tokyo in the 1980s was caught up in the lurid financial excess of the Bubble Economy, Mitsugu Ohnishi created a very peculiar set of images of the people and life of the eastern locally downtown parts of the capital.  Ohnishi's subjects are utterly and charmingly human. His own photographic eye is never critical nor judgmental of the people or their actions but rather delights in the oddities which arise when very real people partake in manufactured events and tradition.  His Wonderland is therefore not simply a physical place but instead a moment deftly captured- a slice of time where the stitches of our reality can be seen, accepted, and even loved.

John Sypal



 Mitsugu Ohnishi

1952 Born in Fukagawa,Koto Ward/City,Tokyo,Japan
1974   Graduated Regular Course in Tokyo College of Photography
             works in Seminnar,department of education affairs,and becomes
            lecture in Tokyo  College of Photography
1978 Wins an award in 1st Tokyo Video Festival
1985 Wins the 22nd Taiyo Award
1993 Wins the 18th Kimura Ihei Photography Award
1993 Wins the  5th Edogawa Ward Cultuial Promortion Award 1993
           Works at Tokyo Zokei University     Lecture(Non-Full-time)
           Works at Kanto Gakuin University    Lecture(Non-Full-time)

2002-2013    Works at  Musashino Art University    Lecture (Non-Full-time)

Adviser of Nikkor Club (Nikon)
Lecture in Tokyo College of Photography
Lecture in Osaka University of Arts (Visiting Professor) 

Member of The Photographic Society of Japan (JPS)


Exhibits my Works at Tokyo Metroporitan Museum of Photography
And National Library of France

And Kawasaki City Museum(donated by Asahi Shinbun)
And Japan Foundation  



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